Ku Yang Terpaksa

Feel free when at home after already finished as a student's UPSI for a week..


Juz begin my new life as 'penganggur'..
Even for a week, like it was ruin my life...haha (patut ke)
Yes! something that i can't forgot..
The past n now, it related with my life..
Will make the day very clumsy, dark in the dark, ur tears will running out, n also what ur day very very very sadness(frustated)

Not because me as 'penganggur'..
It was trouble in my mind, what the past and related 'somebody' life..
n will change the status someday..
Finally, u juz see n look that 'somebody' married with another person that it wasnt u..
Can u imagine that?
Overall, i noe, what happen to u, life must be go on..
The past is the past, the life must created with new..
it hardest too through it..
Even it happen for a year, maybe
Only pendam je that time

But ur heal becomes parah..
Ya Allah..
I noe, it was my sin..
Only YOU can heal me..
only YOU..
Dont ur retwised my heart again after YOU failed me in YOUR test
I cannt go through without YOU
plez guide me again..plez.. T_T
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